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Shelby Spay Neuter has been solving a severe animal overpopulation problem in Alabama since 2008 – a problem caused by pet owners who are either irresponsible or not aware that Shelby Humane has provided thousands of low cost spay/neuter surgeries to the public.  The 5,000 animals received by Shelby Humane last year represents a 30% reduction in the number received just eight years ago.

Many pet owners cite high cost as the reason they do not spay or neuter their pet. It is the mission of Shelby Spay Neuter to provide low cost option to pet owners in Central Alabama. Through partnerships with local veterinarians, and funding from donations and grants, we are able to provide deeply discounted spay and neuter services. At times, we are even able to offer this service for FREE. With the Shelby Spay Neuter program providing such low cost spay and neuter services, the barrier of cost is removed and our clients are able to make the responsible choice to spay and neuter their pet without financial anxiety.

This program is operated strictly with funds secured through grants and donations. We work hard to source the funding for Shelby Spay Neuter and ensure that it is used responsibly. Guidelines have been established and must be adhered to in order for Shelby Humane to continue this program. Administrative costs associated with this program are kept to a minimum as our focus is to secure the spay and neuter surgeries. We work to ensure that every dollar possible goes straight to funding low cost surgeries.

We also provide at least six low cost clinics each year, offering vaccinations and microchipping for people that can’t afford regular veterinary care.  Veterinarians in our community have been an important part of helping promote a healthy animal population.  Special thanks to Dr. Rhonda Ellison at Calera Animal Hospital.

Request for appointments and or information will be replied to in the order of which they were received. Due to the overwhelming success of this program please be patient while we handle your request.

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Spay/Neuter, Capstar Flea Treatment, & Rabies Vaccine

  • Female Dogs: $75
  • Male Dogs: $70
  • Female Cats: $65
  • Male Cats: $50
  • Subsdized Pricing: $35 (Must be Shelby County Resident and Show Proof of Public Assistance)



A rabies vaccine is required to participate in the Low Cost Spay Neuter Program; if your pet is current you will be required to provide Shelby County Humane with a copy of the vaccine certificate. All rabies vaccines are one-year vaccines.

Capstar is a flea treatment, not prevention. All pets will be administered a Capstar tablet prior to spay or neuter surgery to kill any fleas on the pet.

Payment is required at least 2 business days prior to the scheduled surgery date. If payment is not received by the deadline, your spay or neuter appointment will be made available to other clients.

  • Looking for information on our Low-Cost Vaccine & Microchip Clinics? You can view upcoming clinics by selecting ” EVENTS” at the top or by clicking here!

Appointments available at:

Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic

Shelby Spay Neuter Transports to Alabama Spay/Neuter:

Every Monday & Wednesday – Shelby Humane in Columbiana

Scheduled Transports:

5/3- Old Time Pottery in Pelham

5/10- Winn Dixie in Chelsea

5/17- Old Time Pottery in Pelham

(Drop off at 6am, pick up the same day at 5pm) 

*Please call to reserve an appointment; spots are limited 

*NOTE- Please be respectful of our staff’s time. Your pet will be boarded at the Humane Society in Columbiana if you do not show up by 6p on your scheduled pick-up date, and you will be charged a $25 boarding fee for each day that your pet is waiting on you. Please also understand that being boarded here may potentially expose your pet to illness in which you will be financially responsible to treat.*

In order to maximize the use of generous funding provided by our donors, your pet will be scheduled with one of our transports to the Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic. VERY LIMITED appointments will be available at other participating veterinarians.

Calera Animal Hospital
Limited Dates Available
(Drop off between 7am – 8am, pick up the same day between 4:30pm – 5pm)

Pelham Animal Clinic
Limited Dates Available
(Drop off between 7am – 8am, pick up the same day between 4:30pm – 5pm)

Animal House Veterinary Clinic
Limited Dates Available
(Drop off at 7:30 – 9am, pick up the same day between 4:30 – 5pm)
*No dogs in heat or pregnant


Ready to Schedule Your Pet? Appointments and Information:


Call: (205) 610-0936


*NOTE: All pets must be on a leash or in a carrier or service will be denied.

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