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Our At-Home Fostering program provides a temporary home for injured, young or special-needs animals. It may be a mama cat or dog with a new born litter, or an animal recovering from medical treatment that needs a quiet, nurturing place to stay.  You provide the love, we provide everything else!

There are three kinds of fostering here at Shelby Humane.  These programs differ in the kind of time commitment they require.  Read short descriptions of each program to decide which is the best fit for you!

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This program is a short term foster program where you can hang out with a dog at your home or at the park for a few hours or for the entire weekend!


Animals in this program return to the shelter once they are old enough or healthy enough to thrive.  Foster periods for this program vary from animal to animal.  Some foster periods can be as little as 1 week to 12 weeks.

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Animals in this program are kept in their foster home until their forever adoptive home is found!  Pets enrolled in this foster program are pets that would not be able to thrive in the kennel environment because they are painfully shy or are experiencing kennel stress.

Shelby SafePet depends on Foster Care Volunteers who provide direct animal care by fostering pets while domestic violence survivors find the help they need. Our SafePet Coordinator provides the training and materials you need.

Foster pets are given medical care through our shelter at no extra cost to the foster parent.  Other pet supplies can also be given provided that we have donations available.

You can apply by filling out our Foster Application below. If you have any questions please email or check out our Facebook page for more information.

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    These programs differ in the kind of time commitment they require. Want to learn more? Please go back to before submitting an application.