Foster Program

Foster Puppy

Thank you for your interest in our foster program!  Fostering makes a HUGE difference in our ability to save animal’s lives.

By providing a temporary home for our animals that are either too young, sick or scared you do us and them an AMAZING service by giving the TLC we are not always able to give in the shelter environment.

Not all animals are eligible for our foster program.  Generally animals that are eligible are:

  1. Too young to live at the shelter: Animals under the age of 8 weeks are not able to get spayed or neutered and do not have strong enough immune systems to handle the shelter environment.  Animals in this category are fostered until they are 8 weeks of age and 2 pounds.  At 8 weeks, they will return to the shelter.
  2. Pregnant or Nursing mothers: Animals that are pregnant or nursing would benefit from living in a more quiet environment where they are able to get more individualized attention and care.  Pregnant/nursing moms will stay in foster care until their babies are weaned.
  3. Sick animals: Animals that have a contagious illness like ringworm or sarcoptic mange need a foster home where they can be treated and recuperate from the contagious illness.  Animals that are recovering from major surgery like a broken leg would also benefit from a foster home where they can get more individualized care in a quiet environment.

Prior to becoming a foster parent, you must:

  1. Fill out a Foster Application
  2. Fill out a Foster Contract
  3. Submit a picture of your Drivers License with the Foster Contract
  4. Read the Foster Parent Orientation

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