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About this event:

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Shelby Humane Society 381 McDow Rd. Columbiana, AL

Did you know that Shelby Humane received 406 neonate kittens and puppies in 2017?

What is a neonate? Neonates are kittens or puppies that are TOO YOUNG to be without a mother. (6 weeks of age or younger)

Why are these babies at an increased risk in an animal shelter?

  1. They are TOO YOUNG to be spayed or neutered, which means they are too young to be adopted!
  2. Their immune systems are weak, which can lead them to develop illness much faster than pets that are over the age of 6 weeks. Even with treatment, neonate animals are more likely to die from illness.

Kitten & Puppy Season is just around the corner, we need YOUR help to save as many precious lives as possible!

Join us for our Kitten & Puppy Shower!

Kitten & Puppy Shower 18


  • Wet & Dry Puppy & Kitten Food
  • POWDERED Kitten & Puppy Milk-Replacement Formula
  • Puppy Pads
  • Neonate Bottles for Animals (please no human baby bottles)
  • Electric Heating Pads
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