Thank you to our generous Bark & Wine 2014 Sponsors:

Event Sponsors: Kelly & Mullis Wealth Management, Pampered Pet Resort, Altec, Jeff and Robin Adams, Chris and Pam Curry, Darrell and Tamela Seymour and Shelby County Reporter.

Individual Sponsors: Dr Jill K Meyer, Lhoist North America, Pure Barre, Regions Bank, Linda and Terry McCartney, Janet Stanley and Lisa Williams.

Special Thanks to: Ken Jackson for donating his time and talents. Scott Register for serving as emcee. The many individuals and companies who donated auction items. Best Friends of Shelby Humane Society for working tirelessly to insure the success of this event.

Thank you to our very appreciated Bark in the Park 2013 Sponsors:


"An animal lover and dear SHS friend" - Anonymous Sponsor





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Gifts made between October 6, 2011 and January 24, 2012.


Gifts in honor of friends:  
Alison Stigers by Pamela Sanderson
Alison Stigers by James Napoli
Bob McArdle by Edna Alderman
Brian Harkins by Ashley Trible
Carol Butler by JL Hunt
Debbie King by Tony King
Deborah Stephens by Robert and Jennifer Logan
Kelly Bownes by Martha Cook
Anne-Laura Cook by Martha Cook
Colleen Henling by Michael Bailey
Jenell McKinney by Louise Linker
Jennifer R, Sue G, and Linda A by Arthur and Ruth Ann Abbs
Margo R, Bonnie B, and Charlie B by Arthur and Ruth Ann Abbs
Jeri Corbitt by Elizabeth Corbitt
Joel and Suzy Philhours by Adrienne and William Ward
Judy Clark by Jerry and Patsy Clark
Kristin Maetz by Michael Maetz
Lacey Bacchus by Sara Bacchus
Laura Steen by William Murrill
Linda David by Barbara Brack
Manners in Motion by Lawrence Key
Patrick Hnizdil by Barbara and Charles Weidman
R.E. and Barbara Mauch. by Bob and Susan Phillips
Seavey Webb by C. Yvonne Tidmore
Seavey Webb by Sandra Leighton-Meyer
Sophie by Ed Oliver
Spike by Ed Oliver
Tamela Seymour by Tiffaney Sides
Taylor Brent by Peggi Zinser
Taylor P by Michelle Bradley
Willis, Ray, Bair, Bell, and McMullan families by Julie McDonald
Gifts in honor of pets:  
Felix by Karen and Ben Troncalli
Homeless pets by Sandra Lepor
Hooks by Gary and Diana Howard
Lucy and Jasper by Gary J. Harlan
McGee by Sara Bacchus
Ocie by Sharon Minnick
Pickle by Rebecca Grevas
Sandy by Michael Abraham
Ziggy by Peggy Naccari
Gifts remembering beloved pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge:  
Abby by BJ Scharath
Andy by Carol S. Butler
Bear, Shadow, and Taco by James D. Johnson
Bingo by Julie Watson
Boo Boo, Vanna, Dee Dee, and Holly by Lane Ross
Copper by Anita Baker
Daphne by Sandra Spidle
Jake & Callie by Tammie Loesch
Kelsey by Kevin Peters
Lola by Rebecca Grevas
Mattie by Bob McArdle
Millie by Larry and Mary Strayer
Olive by Sally Vaci
Paddie and Yaeger by V. Carol Moore
Ralph by Sandra Smith
Scooch, Yoda, and Seal by James and Judith Bonner
Severus by Holly and Giuseppe Clemente
Sophie by Sheila Thomas
Bequests and gifts remembering these cherished friends:  
Ann O'Shaughnessy by Therese Bergin
Barbara Griffin by Betty W. Kendrick
Benny Stanfield by Peggy Shamblin
Charles Packard by John M Packard
Chief Michael O'Connor by Lee Lamar
Chief Michael O'Connor by Ellen Tweiten
Chief Michael O'Connor by Elizabeth Anger
Chief Michael O'Connor by North Shelby Family Health
Chief Michael O'Connor by Oak Mountain Intermediate
Chief Michael O'Connor by Inverness Elementary
Chief Michael O'Connor by Doug and Jacqui Sweet
Chief Michael O'Connor by Oak Mountain Elementary
Chief Michael O'Connor by Alison Stigers
Chief Michael O'Connor by Mark and Patricia Golay
Chief Michael O'Connor by Robert and Kathleen Hansen
Dayton Roberts by Robert and Kathleen Angus
Dexter Bates by Diane McKinnon
Drew Terry Fetterolf by George Meighen
Drew Terry Fetterolf by Tanya Hopkins
Drew Terry Fetterolf by Barbara Bush
Frances Cutchen by James and Christy Reece
Graydon Newman by Don Salls
Irene Airhart by Suzanne Sparks 
Jeff Watson by Lester and Wanda Jones
Jeffrey Adams by George Adams
Jeffrey Adams by Kenneth Adams
Jenell McKinney by Patsy Jeffcoat
Jenell McKinney by Helen Bunn
Jenell McKinney by Myrtle Plott
Joseph Cannon by Chicago Title Insurance Co.
Loretta Ann Reece by Christine Hart
Loretta Ann Reece by James and Martha Lampkin
Loretta Ann Reece by Hand Arendall
Lucy Angelillo by Sandra Leighton-Meyer
Lucy Angelillo by Christopher Angelillo
Mervin Maxwell by Deborah Deen
Sandra Button by Lynn LeBerte
Those no longer with us by Bill and Patti Weems
Toby Martin by Donna Martin
Winfred Justice by Gregory and Michelle Pope
Winfred Justice by Albert and Dawn Bart
Winfred Justice by Nell Wright
Winfred Justice by Beverly Self
Winfred Justice by William and Joann Ditzel
Winfred Justice by Earl and Patsy Bamberg
Winfred Justice by Gene and Linda Boone
  Karen Bozeman Ken Vines
A. Bullard Kenneth A. Beil
Adrienne and William Thompson Kenneth R. Adams
Adrienne Day Keri Eckert
Alan and Cindy Thompson Kerry Reiling
Albert Hylton Kim Caldwell
Alfred and Edna Stevenson Kim Foster
Alfred and Judy Compton Kim Mims
Alfred West Kim Winsett
Alicia Woodward Kimberly A. Schnormeier
Alison Stigers Kimberly G. Winterhalter
Allison and Jim Harrington Kimberly Jolly
Allison Lane Kira Thomas
Allison Lash Kirk Ceuvas
Alverta E. Cover Kirk Mueller
Amanda Floyd Kirsty Terry
Amanda Malone Krista Dewitt
Amanda Rogers Kristen Bailey
Amber Cain Kristen McGee
Amy Bailey Kristen Perkins
Amy Campbell Kristen Thompson
Amy Gregory Kristi Cannon
Amy Hughes Kristiane and John Tatum
Amy Nance Kristie Benton
Ana Kirk Kristin Maetz
Anahita Rahnemai Kyle Hanson
Andrea Ramp Lacey Bacchus
Andrew Saag Lane Oden
Angela Foley Lara Brewer
Angela George Larry and Christine Warren
Angela Pierce Larry and Deborah Mathews
Anita Strider LaTashia Bishop
Ann E. Markman Laura Fain
Ann Elliott Laura Hancock
Ann Griffin Laura Posey
Ann M. Mason Laura Steen
Ann M. Williams Laura Stonecipher
Anna Nelson Laurie Pitts
Anna Strong Hanks Leanne Reid Bains
Anne Bluntschli Lee Barnes
Anne E. Grant Leigh Hirsch
Anne Temple Lenora Cornelius
Antoinette and Jack Ward Leslie Ingle
April Cobb Leslie Keyes
April Jackson Libby Miller
Arthur and Ruth Ann Abbs Liesa H. Allie
Ashley Limon Linda and Terry McCartney
Ashley Webster Linda Hawkins
Aurelia and Clarence Couch Linda L. Mathews
Autumn Little Linda Lauren Wheeler
B.S. Johnson Linda R. Cicconi
B.S. Johnson Linda Waldrop
Barbara Belisle Linda West
Barbara Corley Linda Wren
Barbara Ethredge Lindsay Diaz
Barbara Exline Lindsey O'Conner
Barbara Foster-Kirker Lisa Fagan
Barbara Janchus Lisa Hazard
Barbara Johnson Lisa K. Corbitt
Barbara L Walters Lisa Marx
Barbara Stevenson Lisa Shulman
Barbara Wallace Lisa Syed
Barcley Russell Lisa Williams
Barrett S. Cummings Lnida Maloy
Barrie Limerick Lohner Frances McLeroy
Becki Vance Lois Glasser
Ben and Carol Padgett Lori P. Andrews
Ben McGann Lori Varley
Benetta Lemley Lorraine Harter
Bennett Shine Louis and Carolyn Drew
Beth F. Williams Lucia Delchamps
Beth Marcum Lucy  Merrill
Beth O'Neill Lucy Thompson Marsh
Beth Preston Lucy Tufts
Betsy Hefner Lynn LeBerte
Betty J. McDonald Lynn Shockley
Beverly Virciglio Lynn Willis
Bill and Donna McFeeters Lynn Wooldridge
Bill and Patti Weems Lynne and William Roden
Bill Floyd Lynne Rogers
Bill Ringler M. and S. Qadeer
Billy R. Jones M. James Dobbs
Billy Sims M.J. Riehle
Bob and Susan Phillips Machelle Thompson
Bob McArdle Madelline Melgren
Bobbie Carter Marc and Debra Moulton
Bobby Amos Marc and Dena Yearwood
Bonnie Franklin Marcia Benson
Bonnie W. Lessman Marcia Gladstone
Bonnie Wallis Marcus Hooks
Brenda Arnold Marcus Savelis
Brenda Bell Margaret Daum
Brenda G. Chandler Margaret Fuller
Brenda Moor Margaret Thomas
Brenda Watkins Marie and Jack Faulkner
Bret Lakey Marie Maillette
Brett Howland Marie Rebecca Franklin
Brian Batista Marilyn Roach
Brian Hagan Marilyn Swenson
Brittany Maness Mark and Jennifer Styslinger
Bruce M. Bursi Mark Eversole
Bryan Coyne Marlin and Patricia Bennetch
Bryce Northen Marsha Cremer
Butch Jones Marsha Dickie
C P Duncan Marsha Tomlinson
C. N. Narramore Martha Killian
C. Yvonne Tidmore Martha Pezrow
Candace B. Foster Martha Veazey
Candace B. Moore Mary A. Nugent
Candace D. Weems Mary Ann Aycock
Candricka Sutton Mary Borgstrom
Carl and Christine Caughran Mary Cash
Carl and Elizabeth Caudle Mary D. Clayton
Carl and Gene Schott Mary Doherty
Carla Grove Mary Eagar
Carla Palmer Mary Elaine Gutzke
Carla Simpson Mary Elizabeth King
Carlee Gustin Mary Ellen Bowling
Carol and Rodgers White Mary G. Coward
Carol Bugonian Mary P. Butzine
Carol Burt Mary P. Lane
Carol Buttel Mary Richardson
Carol Dearing Marycatherine Johnson
Carol S. Butler Matt Brown
Carol S. O'Neal Matthew and Elizabeth Mitchell
Carol Teer Matthew Holmes
Carol Van Der Geest Matthew Winstead
Carolina M. Endert Maurices
Carolyn Holland Megan  Hart
Carolyn Ratliff Megan Futrell
Carolyn Sockwell Melanie Gusmus
Carrie Knight Melissa Bailey
Carrie Mazzone Melissa C. Drummonds
Catherine D. Shouse Melissa Ford
Cathy Butler Meredith Holzer
Cathy Coble Metro Goals, Inc
Cathy Evans Michael and Clarissa Powell
Cathy McKoy Michael and Gwen Valenti
Cathy Nale Michael and Suzanne Gaines
Cecil Stockard Michael Clark
Cecile Lindley Michael Dulaney
Ceil Rock Michael Jarrett
Charity Bryan Michael McKelvy
Charles Ackley Michael O'Brien
Charles Crouse Michael Perkins
Charles Franklin Michael R. Skates
Charles Whitcomb Michael Skotnicki
Charlotte Farnham Michael Stickley
Charlotte Phillips Michael Stock
Charlotte Ritchey Michele Kilgore
Cherie G. Solomon Michelle Amaral
Cherie Martin Michelle Kidd
Cheryl Brewer Micky and Susie Price
Cheryl Sanford Micky Bryan
Chris and Angie Nash Misti Steed
Chris Baker Mitzi Mize
Chris Barker Monica Kelley
Christina B. Frederick Monica Williams
Christina McNamee Morgan Stanley
Christina Rickey-Krawczyk Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Fraser
Christopher and Monique Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Clement Muck, Jr.
Christy Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John D. Teal
Cindy Ferlitto Mr. and Mrs. John Ed Willoughby
Cindy Grimes Mr. and Mrs. John O. Moore, Sr.
Cindy Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Ken Howell
Claire Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. McCorkle, Jr.
Claude and Katherine Camp Mrs. Thomas M. Owens, Jr.
Claudia Webb Myra Stewart
Cleveland Case N. M. Stringer
Clint King Nancy and David Kallus
Colleen McCullough Nancy Howell
Colquitt Clark Nancy Hunt
Connie and Jason Greene Nancy McMeekin
Connie D. Buchanan Nancy Sellers
Connie Huggins Nancy Simmer
Connie Moore Nancy Tileston
Connie Roberts Nannette Britton
Control Southern, Inc. Natalie Hobbs
Corley Ellis Nella Seale
Craig Carter Nicholas Matta
Craig M. Stephens Noel Merrill
Crystal Stone Nola Stans
Curtis and Jean Liles Norma Young
Cyndee Harris Olan and Sherrer Shirey
Cynthia Fassinger Paige Bailey
Cynthia Sproull Paige Franks
Cynthia Stone Pamela Bolton
Cynthia White Pamela Groover
Dana Waddell Pamela Hamff
Danny and Brenda Parnell Pamela J. Ehlers
Darlena and Paul Hnizdil Pamela Jones
Darron Barrus Pamella Smith
Darryl A. Peterson Pat Bell
Darryl Fuller Pat Sherrill
David and Carol Davis Patricia A. Kantaris
David and Sandra Smith Patricia and Buford Braswell
David Busby Patricia Cummings
David G. and Gwendolyn P. Thompson Patricia Neporadny
David J. Gibbs Patricia Pizzitola
David Lynam Patricia Willingham
Dean Morris Patrick and Rhonda Askins
Deane and David Corliss Patsy Bryan
Deanna B. Williams Patsy Smitherman
Debbie Schmidt Patti Ingram
Debbie Tripp Paula Brown
Deborah Battles Paula H. McCombs
Deborah Bennett Paula Parrillo
Deborah Davis Paula Polyak
Deborah Gray Paula Sorrow
Deborah Moxley Paula Thompkins
Deborah Stephens Paula Touchstone
Deborah Tisdale Pauline Howland
Deborah Vaughn Pauline Laton
Debra Bowers Paul's Diamond Center, Inc.
Debra Gellness Peggi Zinser
Debra Linton Peggy Allred
Debra Shelton Peggy Byron
Deidre Collins Peggy Denson
Deidre M. Sourbeer Peggy Hsu
Delores M. Gilbert Peggy L. Sprague
Denise Cicconi Peggy M. Gaines
Denise DeSalvo Peggy Otto
Denise Jones Peggy Shamblin
Denise Whitfield Peggy Walton
Denton and Nora Sparks Penelope Cowart
Derrel and Becky Curry Penny D. Methvin
Dewayne Wood Peter Hendricks
Diana Swift Peter Meyers
Diane H. Houston Philip R. Fine
Diane Humphries Phyllis Mayfield
Diane Johnson Phyllis Rodgers
Diane Saucer Preston and Erica Neel
Dina Trefethen Preston Fussell
Dixie Rice R. G. Palmer
Donna Baber R. Ponder and Patricia Parks
Donna Ford Rachel Latham
Donna Jo Barefield Rachel Williams
Donnie and Charlotte Hamff Ramond Ford
Dorothy and Andrew Mundy Randy Harris
Dorothy Christensen Raymond W. Orr
Dorothy Fieshman Rebecca Greggs
Dorothy Mahan Rebecca Hollingsworth
Doug Latham Rebecca Pugh
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Goldberg Reita and Phillip Mann
Dr. Elizabeth Morris-Thompson Rene Cooner
Dudley Deaton Renea Pitts
Dylan Jackson Retha B. Vinsant
E. Delanne Vincent-Ledbetter Rhonda Greene
E. Gayle Jennings Richard and Lethea Benson
Eamonn Joseph Walsh Richard Grimes
Edie Roberson Richard Stewart
Edith Guy Rick and Christy Miller
Edna Alderman Rita Amos
Edward Hughes Rita Salter
Eileen Epstein Rob Chappell
Eileen Kacmarynski Robert and Diane Van Loan
Elizabeth  Hutchins Robert and Patricia Busby
Elizabeth Creel Robert and Sherry Everett
Elizabeth Jacobs Robert Cowan
Elizabeth Mitchell Robert Laswell
Elizabeth Thrower Robert Welch
Elizabeth West Robin Adams
Ella Davenport Robin Galey
Ellen Ray Robin Kelley
Ellen Thomas Robin Sturm
Elna Brendel Roddy L. McKinney II
Emily  Bouzan Ron and Peggy Hoff
Emily Gill Ronald Morrison
Emily Hodgins Ronda Steciuk
Emma Shows Rosemary Stroud
Erin Clyde Roxanna Chesteen
Erin Melaney Russ T. Bailey
Erin Sexton Russell Chiappa
Ethan Patton Rusty Bynum
Eva E. Buttner Ruth and Raymond Dunmire
Evelyn Gleadall Ruth Ann Lyman
Evelyn Jeffrey Ryan Baker
Evelyn Stone S. Todd Mitchell
F. Wayne Keith S.L. Malecki
Fausto Ruesga Sally Broom
Frances Anthony Sally Tumbleston
Francis G. Inzer-Bailey Salome Humphreys
Frank and Sara Hudson Sam Ferlisi
Frank Costa Sandi Antoniak
Freddie Huey Sandra Garrett
Freeda M. Nelson Sandra Leighton-Meyer
Gail and Joe Desciose Sandra Reiss
Gail Blanco Sandra Smith
Gail Fannon Sandra Vanags
Gail Hahn Sandy Meyer
Gail Logan Sara Hall Clemmer
Gail Lucas Sara Lyn Rogers
Gail Porter Sarah B. Ferguson
Gail Powell Seavey Webb
Gail Talley Crabtree Shannon Benzinger
Gale Hoggle Shannon Dennis
Gary and Karen Fields Shannon Gunther
Gary Bishop Shannon White
Gary Howard and Diana Gonzalez-Howard Shari Boruvka-Roth
Gary J. Harlan Shari Kulkis
Gary Stein Sharon D. Johnson
Gary W. Glenn Sharon Goodwin
Gennifer Marie Morgan Sharon Lockhart
George and Jan Creighton Sharon Minnick
George and Linda Haley Sharon Smith
George or Geraldine Pare Sheila Tenke
George R. Adams Sheila Thomas
Georgia  Hale Shelia Douglas
Georgia Spogli Shelly Stephenson Williams
Gerald Godfrey Sheri D. Holbert
GiGi Spidle Sheri Rumphrey
Gina Kato Sherri Smith
Ginger Hodges Sheryl Mink Caplan
Ginger Strange Shirley Ann Cotman
Glenn Cox Shirley H. Goodyear
Gloria Abby Rayburn Shirley James
Gloria Randolph Shirley Reed
Gold's Gym Pelham Stacy Smith
Grace Simms Stacy Williams
Greg and Andrea Butcke Stanley Magnusson
Greg and Natalie Reeves Stephanie Clayton
Greg and Peggy Allison Stephanie Franty
Greg and Sharon Battistello Stephanie Remetich
Greg McKinney Stephen and Mary Moore
Gunnar Olson Stephen Higley
Guy and Terry Shaw Steve and Kay Hall
Guy Manzi Steve Martin
Gwen Dennis Steven and Susan Reynolds
Gwendolyn Skinner Stuart and Rose Stephenson
H.L. Nobles, Jr. Sue Johnson
Harriet and Harold Sudderth Sunny Jones
Hayden Scarborough Susan Beth Dennis
Heather Moreton Susan Buckingham
Heather Skaggs Susan Buehler
Helen Hare Susan Cordill
Helen McCarron Susan Doss
Helen Stewart Susan Dykes
Henrietta McNeel Susan Mayes
Henry and Aneita Beckman Susan Ragland
Henry and Gay Fowler Susan Reid
Herb Holloway Susan Stanley
Herbert Blatter Susan Vaughn
Hilary Franklin Susan Wilkinson
Hilary Lanphere Susie Serio
Hope and Bruce Lewis Suzanne Moseley
Hope Filyaw Suzanne S. Dailey
Horst Gottschalk Suzy Lott
Howard P. Schiele Sybil League
J. E. Dolan T. Denman
J. Mitchell and Sherry Grant Tabitha Shelby
J. Robin Stone Talmadge and Barbara Bullock
Jacalyn Waite Tamela L. Seymour
Jack Cotton Jr. Tammy Woodham
Jackie Douglas Tangie Tilley
Jackie Potts Tanya Shook
Jackie Wrenn Tara Lumpkin
Jacqueline and Harold MacFarland Taylor Smith
Jacqueline Siegelman Teresa and Mark Brislin
Jaime Payton Teresa Burton
James A. Nicolls Terri Connor
James and Amanda Irvin Terri Desantis
James and Annette Byars Terry Amos
James and Devena Parsons Terry and Claudette Lake
James and Judith Bonner Terry Aycock
James and Temple McDonald Terry Ratigan
James Belless The Pampered Pet Resort
James Brush Thomas Baddley
James Bryant Thomas Domovic
James D. Baker Thomas Hacker
James E Felts Thomas Walsh
James Horn Thomas Washington
James L. Fletcher Tia M. Kennedy
James M. Pool Tiffany Miller
James Mersmann Tifoni Defalco
James Purvis Tim and Debbie Jones
James R. Brown Tim Doherty
James Scott Timothy and Michele Steadman
James T. McCombs Timothy Marvin
Jami Burns Tina Callaway
Jamie Amos Tina Hoggle
Jamie Gould Tina Robershaw
Jamie Tubbs Tommye Steele
Jane A. Noel Tonya Formby
Janee Dickinson Tori Rebman
Janelle Zorko Tracey D. Crain
Janet and Jack Collar Tracey Parker
Janet Parenteau Traci Bethea
Janet Robinson Tracie Cranmer
Janet Stanley Tracy L. Morris
Janice and Martin Johnson Tracy Owens
Janice Cullighan Trina Burke
Janice D. Whitaker Trista Brom
Janice Griffey Tuiren Bratina
Janice Haley Ursula Kirkpatrick
Janice Heyen Valerie Craddock
Janis Kashuba Valerie Kroeger
Janyce Sanford Vallie Ethredge
Jaqueline McFarland Vanessa Lowe
Jason Miles Vickie McAuley
Jay Friedman Victoria Arrand
Jay or Desiree Maples Victoria Johnson
Jean Crim Edwards Victoria Seale
Jeanette Crew Virginia B. Black
Jeanne A. Weber Virginia Lee
Jeannie Relford Wallie and Barbara Carpenter
Jeff and Carolyn Wyatt Wanda Morgan
Jeff Menefee Wanda Smith
Jeff Warnken Wayne and Pat Beavers
Jeffrey Allen Wende Todd-Grehalva
Jeffrey Kendall Wendell and Leann Moles
Jenifer Cohn Wendy Lepp
Jenifer Wallis Wesley McGugin
Jennifer Collier Whitney Polson
Jennifer Haga Wiley Turnipseed
Jennifer M. Wilson William and Deborah Wible
Jennifer Miller William and Nassrin Hubbard
Jennifer Sefcheck William and Pamela Aycock
Jennifer Tate William and Sharon Evans
Jenny Baker William C. Duke, Jr.
Jenny Howell William H. Sanders
Jeri Corbitt William Hammond
Jerry and Carolyn Jackson William M. Hornsby, Jr.
Jerry and Patsy Clark William Porter
Jerry and Toni Leuch William Wisener
Jerry Brandon Willie Pots
Jerry N Oxford Willsie Black
Jerry Powell Yoko Hoene
Jessica Amaro Yolande Gardner
Jessica Genry Young Oh
Jessica Minghella Zandy Moyo
Jill K. Meyer  
Jill Mann  
Jill Wood  
Jim and Betty Driskell  
Jim Pihakis  
Jim Whittle  
Jimmie C. Smith  
Jimmy and Polly Shields  
Jo Alvis  
Jo Ann Hopkins  
Joan Ross  
Joan Stough  
Joan Turner  
Joann and Arthur Fox  
JoAnn Bridges  
Joann Doty  
Joann Glidwell  
Joanna Genry  
Joanna Teter  
Joanne Cain  
Joanne Conklin  
Jocinda McSwain  
Joe and Pat Yost  
Joe Eversole  
Joe F. Sharp  
Joel and Rhonda Nichols  
Johanna E. Wellisch  
John and Alison Craddock  
John and Barbara Abercrombie  
John and Charlotte McMath  
John and Kathleen Dunn  
John and Patricia Hawkins  
John and Patricia Heilala  
John and Sandy Pegram  
John and Vivian Melof  
John D. Mahler  
John Gartner  
John R. and Cathy C. Brown  
John T. Gilbert  
John Wallis  
Jollyn Pope  
Jon Falkner  
Jordan Seng  
Jose Vega  
Joseph and Cathy Bowman  
Joseph Wittmeier III  
Joseph Wooldridge  
Josephine Pyle  
Joy and Bill Steadman  
Joy Fricke  
Joy Lucas  
Joy M. Kelley  
Joyce Wise  
JR Hensley  
Juanita L. Reffelt  
Judith Fields  
Judith Furman  
Judith Kornowicz  
Judith Tomberlin  
Judy Jones  
Judy Matthews  
Judy Nelson  
Judy Quick  
Judy Rangel  
Judy Schoenneman  
Judy Tomlin  
Julia McQueen  
Julie Cascio  
Julie McDonald  
June Fletcher  
June Williams  
Karen and Ben Troncalli  
Karen Andrews  
Karen Berryman  
Karen Chrin  
Karen Evans  
Karen G. Tinker  
Karen Hamilton  
Karen Jambusarwalla  
Karen Padgham and Gabriele Ozley  
Karen Rawlins  
Kari A. Harris  
Karl and Donna Jo Barefiled  
Kasie B. Hardy  
Kate Cooper  
Kate Kelly  
Katherine Cunningham  
Katherine Y. Beitle  
Kathleen Owen  
Kathleen Stevens  
Kathrine A Amundson  
Kathryn and Ben George  
Kathryn and Howard Schwass  
Kathryn and Jonathan Kudulis  
Kathryn and Larry Keaton
Kathryn Bushby
Kathryn Garikes  
Kathryn Keeton  
Kathy Akers  
Kathy Bucciarelli  
Kathy E. Frey  
Kathy Honeycut  
Kathy Sciarrotla  
Kathy Thomas  
Kathy Tomaszewski  
Kathy Van Giessen  
Katie Baker  
Katie Loggins  
Katrina Lane  
Kay Till  
Kay Wooten  
Kaye F. Stone  
Keith or Janette Glaze  
Kellanee Lawley  
Kelli Brasher  
Kelli Busby  
Kelly Damon  
Kelly Hester  
Kelly Moore  
Ken & Allison Fulmer