Happy Tails

We love getting updates on our shelter pets in their new homes!

Send pictures of your SHS pet to Happy Tails and we’ll post them on our website! Please include your pet’s name, when they were adopted and anything else you want to share.



Hi. You know me as Punkie. I didn’t like that and now my name is Me-No. My mother’s grandson named me and I love it. I took my first long trip this weekend and enjoyed running and playing with my doggie cousins and two of their friends. But I’m exhausted now so I will close.

Thank you for finding me my new home.



We adopted Baby, renamed Toby, last November from the Galleria location. What a sweet cat he is! He has fit in very well with my husband and me and our other two cats. The attached picture taken on Easter Sunday 2012 shows him in our sunroom enjoying the beautiful weather.



We adopted Skyla the end of Feb 2012 and it has been a joy having her. She is a little spoiled though I have to admit. 🙂 She is a smart dog but she is a very curious and nosey dog. She does not like to be left on anything. She loves to play. She is very energetic. She can sit, shake, lay down, and bring you the ball or toy. We really enjoy having her as a part of our family.



My happy tail is about our little dog Willie, who we adopted when he was 6 years old (about 8 years ago).

Willie was in a group of dachshunds turned in to Shelby County Humane Society by a breeder and he had heartworms. He had been a stud dog and weighed 6 pounds. Our older English Bulldog Cleo had gone on to doggy heaven and I told my husband that I did not want any more dogs, but was watching the news one morning and they had a little dachshund from Shelby County Humane Society on. I waited two days before calling, saying, “You don’t still have that dachshund do you?”…. I went to look and saw two little dachshunds and was getting ready to leave, when I spotted Willie in his cage. He was watching me intently and wagging his tail. As soon as I saw him I knew he was the one. The humane society treated his heart worms, neutered him and we took him home. We discovered that Willie was deaf after he was with us one day. He was sleeping in his little crate, curled up and did not move when I came in. I thought Oh no! He’s died and went over and touched him. Up he jumped!

Willie watched everything intently and never missed much. He loved to sit with my husband in his recliner, loved to go to Mentone with us. In fact, as soon as we started packing and sitting suitcases by the front door, Willie would go over and sit on a suitcase and not move until he got to run out and get in the car. We adopted another dachshund (Winnie) and later my daughter moved back home and brought her dog (Lola). A 107 lb. lab mix. Willie was accepting of Lola also as long as she kept her giant head out of his crate. Willie had had some health problems and the day after Christmas, we had to have him put to sleep at our vets (Willie was 14). My husband and I both took him and held him and cried and cried. He was such a good little dog. Here are a few pictures of Willie and my husband and one of my husband, Lola and Willie squeezed in the corner of the recliner. (Lola does not think she is extra large.)

Thank you for sharing Willie with us. We sure do miss him.

Bear & Sammi


The cutie on the left is Bear. We adopted him just over a month ago when his name was Jack Frost. He’s 4 months old now. Like any puppy that age, he’s a handful, but SO SO sweet and so much fun to have around. He was not at all what we had in mind the day we walked into the shelter, but it was love at first sight and we’re so glad he’s part of our family! The beauty on the right is 4-year old Basset mix Sammi (her name was Cozy when she was at SHS). She is the perfect foot warmer and loves to hang out on the sofa with us. We’re so lucky to have them both! Thanks SHS for all the work you do.

Jinx, Lulu, and Belle




It’s has been over 6 years since we adopted Belle from the Shelby County Humane Society. She is sweet, sassy and quite southern. Can’t trouble herself to chase her sister (LuLu- of the feline kind- also from the shelter), but watch out if your not family.

“It is quite fun just to throw my weight around to aggravate from time to time. Just for laughs…”

We have adopted Jinx, Lulu and Belle over the past seven years. Give life a chance is only option for us. Thanks Shelby County Society for adding such joy to our family.



I have attached a picture of our Lady (she was ‘Doo-Dah’ at your shelter back in 2007 and just a tiny thing with no hair due to mange.) As you can see, she has definitely thrived with us.



Our angel dog’s name is Dixie, she was known at the shelter as Hopi. We did not pick Dixie as much as Dixie actually picked us. She knew when she saw her Mommy and Daddy that she wanted to come home with us. We were told Dixie had never had a home before and it was great to be able to give her that. She has given us back so much more. She is the most loving and humble dog on Earth. She shares a home with another, much smaller dog, 2 cats and a guinea pig and she is completely kind to all of them. She also has a little boy to love her and we all know how important it is for dogs to have little boys to love them. We live in a very rural area and Dixie is allowed to run and play until she is exhausted and that is what she does. I recommend that everyone choose to adopt their animals. Not only are you providing a home to an animal in need you will be also getting back a wonderful animal in return.

Ripken and Drake


This is Ripken (formally Chong) a Border Collie mix. Our family adopted Ripken last May. He was 4 months old at the time. Ripken is very smart and energetic, I swear he has springs in his feet. He has been a pleasure and keeps us very busy. we felt he needed a sibling to play with, so just 3 weeks ago we adopted 3 month old Drake (formally Jim), an Australian Shepherd. He has fit well here and is enjoying his time with his new friend Ripken. Both of these fabulous companions came from our friends down South and we will forever be grateful. We would like to thank you and all the staff and volunteers at GAHS for their great work placing animals in their forever homes.



I truly know that there’s a perfect home for everyone and thanks to Shelby County Humane Society… I found mine. While most of the animals are adopted from the center, I was adopted at the Mudbugs & Music festival in April 2011. Thankfully, my adopted mom wasn’t a fan of crawfish, so she went exploring around the festival grounds… that’s where she found me! She knew dad would fall in love with me, so he came to meet me too. The next thing I knew I was headed home with a loving family and to meet my big sister Maggie who was another rescue. Mom says I am a perfect fit for the family! Thanks for caring for me, Shelby County Humane Society and helping me find a great home!



Hello! My name is Copper and here I am with just one of my new pack of kids to love me and play with me! I think I might be a Redbone Coonhound mixed with Labrador Retriever, so I am smart, athletic and love people and other dogs. And gosh, do I love to swim and play fetch! I was adopted on July 20th through the Nashua, New Hampshire Humane Society after traveling up via transport from Shelby. You see, my new family lost their old dog to a sudden attack of bloat and were sooooo sad; but I have made them so very happy! At 2 years old I am still very playful, but also know how to behave in the house. I know lots of commands already, such a “sit”, “stay” and “lie down”. When my new owners showed my my new bed, I knew exactly what was expected of me during the night. Learning to stay within the boundaries of the electric fence at my new yard was a little scary at first, but I am so smart that I caught on quick! Now I guard my new turf and family quite protectively, and let them know of anything unusual with my distinctive hound’s bay. I love to walk in the woods, or hang out on the couch and watch the kids play Wii. I love my new family, and they love me!!!



We adopted our dog Scout (aka Boppers) from the Humane Society of Greater Nashua, NH exactly one year ago today, July 20, 2011. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and has acclimated quite nicely to life in New England. He experienced SNOW (in copious amounts!) this winter and will soon be heading off to the ocean for a weekend away. We live in an area where he has a field to run and a river to play in…and active children to keep him busy. Scout has settled right in and we are so glad he’s here. Thank you for sharing him with us.



Hi-my name is Sunshine(Sunni for short)! I was adopted from SHS in May 2011. My mom is a volunteer and she fell in love with me at the shelter. I had been there quite awhile when my mom asked if she could foster me to get me out of the shelter for a little while. My dad fell in love with me as soon as I walked in the door. I was such a sweetheart there was no way they were sending me back and now I am a much-loved member of the Williams household. I get along great with my 2 canine brothers who were also adopted from SHS. I’m a pretty laid-back girl. I LOVE to sleep on my nice soft bed and sit in my mom’s lap. I also enjoy laying on the deck in my backyard and chasing the occasional squirrel or chipmunk. I am a sweet, loving girl and I’m living the good life that I so deserve. Thanks to everyone at SHS for not giving up on me- you’re THE BEST!!



I was adopted from SHS on Feb 8, 2011. I am so happy to be in my new home. I have been the perfect little girl. I don’t chase the cat, I don’t chew anything and I sleep silently all night in my new crate beside Mommy and Daddy’s bed. I have had a couple potty accidents, but my new Mommy and Daddy are very patient with me. My name at the shelter was Jasmine, but my new name is Bristol. I LOVE my FOREVER home…

Peter Pan


I just wanted to send you all a quick note about Peter Pan whom we adopted almost a week ago. We did change his name to “Petey” and he is absolutely loving his new home, and his 2 sisters and mom. I have attached a picture for you all! Thank you again to all whom helped me bath this little guy and get him home with me. We truly are blessed!

Sharon Louise


In July of 2011, my boyfriend, David, and I adopted Sharon Louise, a basset hound mix from the Upper Valley Humane Society. She had been transferred to UVHS from the Shelby Humane Society in February and had spent nearly 6 months waiting to find her forever home. She now hikes and boats and sniffs EVERYTHING. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her.



My husband and I adopted “Bear Kub” in January 2009. Her name is now Molly and she is the star of our family. She is the happiest dog you’ll ever see and loves meeting new people. Her favorite activity is playing catching with her red ball. She loves to cuddle and take long naps. She has also learned several commands and tricks that never fail to please a crowd. Molly enjoys road trips to visit family in Florida. We couldn’t imagine life without Molly and want to thank you so much for keeping her until we found her. As the saying goes, my dog rescued me!



This is Bella. I adopted her November 14, 2008. She has been a wonderful addition to my furry four legged family. She was originally listed as Alecia, but was renamed on the day I adopted her. When I came to your facility it was actually to see another dog I had seen on the website, that was beautiful but just didn’t click with me the way I wanted. One of your wonderful volunteers directed me toward Alecia and when I was going to take her out on a leash to see if we bonded, she didn’t want to walk on a leash, she started jumping up wanting me to carry her, and I’ve been carrying her around ever since! She now lives with me and her two shih-tzu little sisters. She is my comforter and my cuddler. She loves to snuggle and is constantly at my side. I can’t imagine my life without her. God bless you guys for all you do!



This is Dasher! He is originally from Shelby. I had to share this Christmas picture of my son, who adopted Dasher, and his girlfriend. We all love him! He is doing great!

Sadie & Molly


This is Sadie and Molly. They were from the Shelby Humane Society, and we adopted them from the NH Humane Society in Meredith NH. We are so grateful for all the you do to help the dogs, and we are so happy to have them as part of our family. Thank you.



We couldn’t love her more and she is feeling comfortable in her new surroundings. Thanks for this gift.



Hi everyone. This is my second “Happy Tails” entry. My name at Shelby County Humane Society was “Larry”, but my daddy and mommy changed it to Chomper because my daddy is a Gator football fan (Chomp Chomp). When I was first adopted, my mommy and daddy were living in a town home and I was very happy there but they moved into this very big house and I have a big back yard that I love to run in and when the sun is out, my favorite thing to do (aside from going to the park to chase squirrels and wade in the water) is laying out in the sun.



Hello from New England! We adopted “Fox” from a NH Shelter last Saturday. From what I understand, he was transported up here from your shelter. He is a true JOY and he is lighting up our lives! Thank you so much for sending him our way! 🙂



It’s been a long time since I adopted her from your shelter (in 2004), but I wanted to write and say what a joy she has been to me. When I first met her, she was shy and very nervous. She had been at the shelter two months waiting for a new home. In a room full of energetic kittens, this 2 1/2-year-old adult was easily overlooked as she sat in the back of her cage. I reached out to her, and she gently rubbed her face against my hand. I was smitten. A lady there told me she needed one-on-one care, as she was very timid and didn’t even like to come out of her cage to be with the other cats. I took this shy girl home, and we became fast friends. She has been my constant companion, as well as being the sweetest and most loving cat I ever could have asked for. I love her so very much and am so glad to have her in my life.