About Shelby Humane Society

The Shelby Humane Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1977.

We provide care to over 5000 dogs and cats each year.

We house 200-350 animals at any given time

We provide spay/neuter services to more than 1200 animals per year. We also provide outreach services to educate our community on the importance of animal population control.

As an independent organization, we rely heavily on caring people like you for our financial health and operational success.

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On A Mission

Our mission is to care for homeless, abused, neglected and abandoned animals and to educate the community to instill an increase awareness and commitment to the responsibility of animal ownership and protection.

Giving Life a Chance

We work diligently to find loving homes for our pets throughout our local communities. Additionally, by partnering with other shelters across the country, we can ensure that even more of our animals find their forever homes. Learn More. Our live release data for the previous year can be found here: Live Release 2016

Shelter Partners

Shelby Humane Society’s Shelter Partners Program is a volunteer driven (literally) transport program providing second chances for thousands of dogs. Learn More.

Guardian Angels

Through our guardian angel fund, we are able to provide necessary medical treatment for pets in our care ranging from heartworm treatment to major surgical procedures. Learn More.


Our staff are committed to the health and well-being of the animals in our care and we work hard to create a positive outcome for each animal. Learn More.